We are more statistically likely to kill terrorists by aiming our drones at Cliven Bundy and his cryptofascist militia buddies than blowing up random brown people on the other side of the planet, and yet our strategy is still to seek terrorists abroad while the Right systematically turns the country into a totalitarian nightmare at home.

Oh no no no no that stupid fucking graph is taking back off again I THOUGHT I WAS FREE OF THE ENDLESS NOTIFICATIONS AAHUHUHUH

So… what I’m getting from the most recent episode is that Steven’s lion is the Rose Bride.



[has a threesome while “Always” plays in the background]

I’m so disappointed that almost no one liked this, I worked really hard for ten full seconds on this joke.

…Although it occurs to me that maybe not everyone is as fascinated as I am by one hit wonders from the 80s? And that maybe people don’t know what song is playing in the background of Robot Unicorn Attack? Hm…

One of my students is criticizing Leonardo’s The Last Supper for having static and forced poses.

I just… are you really sure you wanna throw down with Leonardo, kid?



Get their names to us now, so when the helicarriers are finished we can murder them all quickly and efficiently! HAIL HYDRA

Every time I see something like this, I start suspecting myself of being a terrorist. Suddenly grew a beard: check. Developed a sudden interest in a new way of looking at life: check. More confrontational about certain issues: check.

But beards are cool and shaving sucks, Less Wrong is really interesting and discovering that other people were against death as well changed my life.

Also, the article basically describes people becoming teenagers and challenging religious authority.

You’re from the Socialist Nightmareprison of Ba’al-Jium and you’re into rationality, dude. There’s basically no way you’re not a terrorist.

A HYDRA drone strike is on its way; please remain in your current location.


[has a threesome while “Always” plays in the background]

What really frustrates me about fitzskimmons is that no matter how hard I want to see it, it’ll never be actualized in canon, not because of characters or chemistry or anything like that (because all of that is, remember, not real and totally subject to the whim of the author) but because there’s no way in our current media climate that we could ever, ever, ever see a positive polyamorous relationship between three central characters in a TV show meant for wider audiences.

It just will not happen. Because we still live in a heteronormative, monogamy-obsessed, narrow-minded, homophobic, bi-erasing culture. Like, if queer polyamory was a Thing That Happened on TV regularly, this ship could fail to be a thing without me blaming bigotry. But in the total absence of queer polyamory, I’m just going to go ahead and chalk this up to narrow mindedness.



Man if only the first ten episodes had been this suspenseful. Rather than really boring.

So where should I start watching? I am the target audience [in the fandom, not network targeting BS sense] for this show, but I can hardly sit through an episode. (I’ve watched a grand total of three.)

If you wanted to cut out the full first half (understandable), I think you could ignore all but episodes 1 and 6 (the pilot and FZZT). You may also want to watch 5 (Girl in the Flower Dress).

From there, you can pretty much watch from 10 on. If it’s still not gripping you, you can drop episode 12 (Seeds) and 15 (Yes Men). It gets (mostly) good around 10, and gets really intense around episode 16. 16 (Turn, Turn, Turn) is probably the single best episode. The closer the show gets to the timeframe of Winter Soldier the better it is, basically, and the stuff happening concurrently with Winter Soldier is the really good, intense, emotionally taxing stuff.

I’m including FZZT because A. it’s one of the few really good stand alone episodes from the first half of the show and B. Fitzskimmons is my ship and this is the episode that has the greatest likelyhood of convincing you that Fitzskimmons should be your OT3 as well. The other two from the first half are more important from a “essential character introduction” point of view.

Get their names to us now, so when the helicarriers are finished we can murder them all quickly and efficiently! HAIL HYDRA